Tiếng Việt English Hotline: (+84)962671890 - ​(+84)967241319



We speak eloquently! With a Vietnam-based geographical advantage, we can guarantee top-notch Vietnamese <-> English interpreting services including both consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting in numerous fields such as IT, Marketing, Business, Finance, Automotive, Law and Legal, Tourism, etc. Our interpreters who are qualified experts with numerous years of experience are guaranteed to give you the most satisfying interpretation of a speech as soon as possible!


  • For any needs for our interpreting services, please contact: projects@lingofocus.net. Please specify your requirements in the email.
  • The Sales Executive will be in charge of handling your interpreting request, discussing details including rates, instructions and hours of service.
  • Based on the required expertise, the Project Manager will place a suitable Linguist for your interpreting needs.
  • The linguist will accompany you throughout the agreed hours of service.
  • Please make the payment for your required interpretation service directly to the assigned Linguist. LingoFocus always welcomes you to come to our official office for direct payment.
  • For feedback and queries, please contact the Project Manager of your request.