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We deliver quality translation services! At LingoFocus, we guarantee you the highest level of quality in every delivery of our translations. Our linguists are experts on the translation of languages such as Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and many more others. We can handle different kinds of translation specializations, ranging from general, technical translation, to difficult ones like medical, legal translation!


  • For any translation service needs, please contact: projects@lingofocus.net. Please specify your requirements in the email.
  • The Project Manager will be in charge of handling your translation request, discussing details including rates, instructions and deadlines.
  • Based on the content and required expertise, the Project Manager will entrust the translation with a suitable Linguist.
  • The Linguist will translate the material and return it to the Project Manager for review.
  • The Project Manager will send the translated document to the Quality Assurance (QA) team at LingoFocus.
  • The Project Manager will run a final check on the QA-ed document and deliver it to you.
  • All deliveries will be made on the agreed deadlines.
  • For feedback and queries, please contact the Project Manager of your request.